Black River
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From the Black Forest to the Black Sea


10 countries

99 days

The Danube is Europe's second largest river. Its long journey across the continent starts in Donaueschingen, located in the Black Forest in Germany and it flows through half of Europe to finally reach the Danube Delta and the Black Sea in Romania. Sometimes the Danube is called the "Black River" due to its source and mouth. The idea to travel the Danube by kayak was born after my kayaking adventures in New Zealand. Travelling on a river opens new perspectives, brings new experiences and a new sense of freedom. Living in a Europe without borders where everything is connected via natural streams.

Living in a modern world also brings other sources of connectivity and streams: the Internet of Things with its data streams and filter bubbles. It's not surprising that a big data-collecting company named itself after the world's largest river. Part of my journey will also include this technology and I will collect and send sensor data continuously throughout the trip.

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