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Hi… I'm Michael and one of my crazy dreams is to travel the Danube - with a kayak.

Not just only parts of the Danube, but all of it. From its source to its Delta. I picked up kayaking while travelling in New Zealand. Usually I avoid water sports as I'm really more of a floater than a swimmer. However, a kayak allows you to travel safe on the water without getting wet (unless, of course, you capsize). I enjoy the unique perspectives and how calm it is on the water, far away from the noise and chaos of the cities and civilization. Back in Europe I picked up a kayak every now and then, but there was always this idea to bring it to another level. Growing up near a river that flows into the Danube and finally into the Black Sea I always felt the Danube to be my "home" river. Especially after living in Regensburg for a couple of years, where the Danube is omnipresent and affects the live in the city depending on its mood and nature.

Instead of paddling for a day or two I decided to travel the whole Danube. It is quite a common tour and is done on a regular basis by many students and retirees… it just takes some time to finish.

I will start in March and hope to finish in June or even earlier. There will be many adventures ahead, but for sure it will be a unique experience.

About the Danube

The Danube is Europe's second largest river. Its journey starts in Donaueschingen, in the Black Forest in Germany and it flows through half of Europe to finally reach the Danube Delta and the Black Sea in Romania. Due to its "Black" start and destination it is sometimes called "Black River".

During its journey the Danube flows through the following countries:

The Danube also marks four capital cities:

The Danube originates near Donaueschingen where the Brigach and Breg unite. After 2.850 km it drains into the Black Sea, the largest river delta in the European Union. During its journey the Danube disappears, gets dammed, turns into a highway and is home and resource for many of its residents. Other than kayaking there are also excellent biking tracks following along the river. For more information including history, geography, geology and tourism be sure to check out the Wikipedia article.